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The One Nation Mothership Award
Formerly known as the One Nation Pyramid Award for the Funk

Win an award for excellence in Funk coverage on the Web.

We salute Webmasters who bring Funk to the Net!

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Recipients of the One Nation Mothership Award:

August, 1998
Earth Wind & Fire
This unofficial Earth, Wind & Fire site is all about the group that George Clinton jokingly referred to as "Earth, Hot Air, & No Fire" on 1975's "Let's Take it To the Stage." This site is not only visually magnificent, but is also incredibly comprehensive, with info on everything from who else did covers of EWF songs, to what the older members are doing now. It's the ultimate source for Earth Wind & Fire by far. Go visit it today to learn about this 70s and 80s supergroup whose music crossed all genres, but not without leaving a soulful base.

July, 1998
The Black Hole of Funky
The Black Hole of Funky Music website is dedicated by webmaster Peter Wermelinger to "all funk collectors out there." But Peter is funk collector and information disseminator #1. That's why it's so refreshing to know that Peter is so willing to share his information with ultimate funk collectors. This site, which also serves as the home for his Funky & Groovy Records Lexicon, is one of the most comprehensive funk-reference sites ever to grace the World Wide Web. Check it out and look at all the rare funk goodies you wish you could find.

June, 1998
Atomic Dawg
AtomicDawg's P-Funk Page is sort of like One Nation's sister site. They get the info we don't and are as dedicated to the preservation of the P as much as we are. Plus they're the only other major P-Funk site on the web, besides us, that's updated regularly--and that's reason enough for anyone to get an award. Check out this great site with original content, graphics, and charm from webmistress Gina Hall and her cuddly canine Atomic Dawg.

May, 1998
JBs Homepage
Something like the JB's Homepage is long overdue, giving props to not only James Brown, but the unsung heroes of the funk--James' backup band the JBs. With excellent features on musicians like Pee Wee Ellis, Bobby Byrd, Clyde Stubblefield, and more, choosing this site as our award-winner was easy. The site is also great design-wise, and it's even available in French translation. It is, as Soul Brother #1 would say, "super bad!"

April, 1998
Disco Inferno
This site proclaims itself as a "RealAudio Discotheque," but it's that and much more. Not only will you find an unbelievable amount of sound clips of the best popular and obscure disco classics and rarities, but you'll also find an outstanding tribute page, giving props to renowned disco labels and producers. Webmaster Claes "Discoguy" Widlund's dedication to this genre really stands out as he details obscure B-sides and white-label promo releases. You will hear songs on this site that you haven't heard in ages, and you will learn even more.

March, 1998
P-Funk Review
Being at Bob Davis' P*Funk Review site was, for me, like digging through the crates of records for your friend's cousin who was the music loving partyer in the '70s. You're always finding something more amazing each minute. Everything about this site made it a no-brainer for this award, but the clincher was hearing the audio of Funkadelic's "One Nation Under a Groove" from a tape recorded off the radio in the 70s, featuring a DJ who proclaimed it "the hottest jam out right now."

Truly interactive featuring email contributions from a motherlode of true fans from back in the day. Wonderful resource for funk, soul, jazz; write-ups and audio on anyone from Bloodstone, Gil Scott-Heron, and Lonnie Liston Smith to Teena Marie, Minnie Riperton, Black Ivory, Kool & the Gang, and Funkadelic. There's so much at this site, I can't possibly list it in a brief description, but the site is one that makes me proud to be a funkateer.

February, 1998
Miss Funkyflyy's
Excellent webpages by Maria Granditsky featuring superb interviews and attention to artists who are difficult to find on the web like the Commodores, the Bar-Kays, Osiris, and the Salsoul record label.

How to Get Your Own One Nation Mothership Award:

This website has won a few awards, for which we are graciously appreciative. So we got a bright idea to start our own award. We wanted to be able to award other sites for contributing great information to the Internet. However, we found very little awards dedicated just to music-related sites and not one site which gives awards to funk music pages exclusively.

We, at One Nation, believe in the power and importance of the Funk and want to reward others who feel the same way and do a good job at demonstrating their love of the music. Hence the One Nation Mothership Award.

We will give one award per month to a site which follows the following criteria:

  1. subject matter must be related to funk/soul/disco/late 60s-early 80s music or any funk, soul, or disco musician/group (doesn't have to be a national or popular group)
  2. site can be commercial or non-commercial/personal

Things we will look for :

Good organization of information and art/graphics.
Simple navigation
no broken links
evidence that the page is updated fairly often
authoritative command of topic (i.e. you know what you're talking about)

Submit your website to One Nation for review and the Mothership Award!

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You will not see a thank you page after your form is sent to us. However, we do thank you for applying for this award.

If you have any problems with the form, don't hesitate to send the requested info to

If you win, we will notify you by e-mail with instruction on how to retrieve your award and display it proudly on your page. We will also create a link to your page from the One Nation site. Good luck!!!


Thanks to you who bestow your awards upon us and help us to "P!"

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