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Roger Troutman
On Stage & Off

One Nation Remembers Roger
A young fan named Jason Lobel had the opportunity to get to know the late, great Roger Troutman over the course of the past 7 years. During that time, Roger extended the love to Jason that he extended to many of his fans, a trait not found too often in many popular entertainers. Here we remember Roger, on stage and off, through photographs taken by Jason from 1993-1999. We'd like to thank Jason for sharing the moments he spent with Roger and the band with us.

Click each photo for an enlarged version.

Roger, with brothers Lester (front), Zapp (back), Jason and his friend Glenda from Smokey's Nightclub, March 8, 1994

Roger playing guitar live at the New Bacchanal, November 3, 1994

Roger jamming on bass with Ricardo Bray (right) and Bart Thomas (left); from the New Bacchanal, November 3, 1994

Roger poses in his "Elvis" wig live at New Bacchanal, November 3, 1994.

Roger sings "I Wanna Be Your Man" with Bart Thomas and Ricardo Bray. The very last photo Jason ever got to take of Roger; from the Cannibal Bar & Grill, April 10, 1999.

Roger with his harmonica at Southwest High School, December 27, 1993.

Roger and Jason on March 24, 1995 at the Normandie Casino.

Roger salutes his fans at Smokey's Nightclub, March 17, 1993.

Roger the way many remember him...on the talk box; from Orchids Nightclub, June 1, 1995.

from right-to-left: Roger, Dale DeGroat, Nicole Cottom, Jason's mom Colleen, and Bart Thomas; from Smokey's Nightclub, March 17, 1993.

All photos on this page are © Jason Lobel.

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